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Q-Gel 200mg - Double Strength Hydrosoluble™ CoQ10 Softgels

Q-Gel 200mg - Double Strength Hydrosoluble™ CoQ10 Softgels

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Q-Gel® Coenzyme Q-10 is the most powerful CoQ10 available based on in vitro dissolution studies and/or animal studies and/or relative bioavailability studies conducted in human subjects and now it's available in a potent Bioenhanced™ Double Strength 200mg per soft gel formulation called Q-Gel® 200. This powerful 200mg Enhanced Absorption formulation, like ALL previous Q-Gel® formulations, is both Hydrosoluble™, (water soluble), and Liposoluble™, (fat soluble), to deliver optimum levels of plasma CoQ-10 in the shortest time and smallest dosage level possible. As an added advance, the scientists at Tishcon were able to formulate this new Double Strength 200mg Q-Gel® 200 with Vitamin E – a real breakthrough for those requiring high-dose levels of CoQ10 and still wanting to use a pure soft gel formulation. NOTE: If we are out of stock on the Q-Gel® 200 180 count bottle we will send you three of the 60 count bottles of Q-Gel® 200 at no additional charge.
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