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Mito-Medica™ 100% Pure D-Ribose 200 Gram Jar

Mito-Medica™ 100% Pure D-Ribose 200 Gram Jar

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Less than 68 cents per day for the BEST D-Ribose money can buy! The very first 5 gram serving of Mito-Medica™ 100% pure D-Ribose from Tishcon will immediately help your body make adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the major source of energy in ALL the cells of your body. Though your body produces ribose and ATP naturally, it makes it slowly and, as a result, your muscle tissues. (remember, your heart is a muscle!), sometimes use their energy faster than they can restore it. The result… your body's energy becomes depleted. Overexertion, strenuous exercise, adverse physical conditions and even, normal aging can drain ATP from your tissues and affect your body's ability to make and use energy. Taking as little as one 5 gram serving of Mito-Medica™ D-Ribose every day can help you reduce muscle soreness and fatigue and aid your body in restoring lost energy! Note: Each 200 Gram Jar includes a FREE 5-Gram Scoop for easy and accurate dosing.

D Ribose and Heart Health:

To understand Ribose further we must know that it is a carbohydrate, or sugar, often referred to as the “sugar of life". This is because it is used to help stimulate the countless actions our bodies engage in without or conscious control. As we've already mentioned Ribose essentially provides the material that the cellular engine needs to produce ATP. Energy requirements are found everywhere in the body, especially in the brain and the heart.

There is strong evidence to support the use of D-Ribose for cardiac rejuvenation. This means that after a catastrophic event like a heart attack, when it is critical that the heart muscle heal correctly, the addition of Ribose has been shown to dramatically increase the post heart attack survival rate.(1) Studies have further verified that D-Ribose is specifically and directly involved in the healing of cardiac muscle. (2-4)

Think of the heart as a machine that never stops working. That heart is going to need an endless supply of fuel. ATP (biological fuel) is produced in the mitochondria of the cell. There are more mitochondria in the heart than any other organ in the body for obvious reasons. D-Ribose specifically functions within the cellular mitochondria to assist the production of energy. It is proven that increased ATP levels translate to improved muscle function.

By improving heart function, D-Ribose can result in better delivery of energy rich blood to the muscles. This helps stimulate and prolong physical activity. D-Ribose supplementation is increasingly being utilized by cardiologists and physical therapists to strengthen both heart and skeletal muscles.

D-Ribose is being utilized more and more as a cardio-protective meaning it can help those with congestive heart failure before a catastrophic event. The math is relatively simple in the case of D-Ribose. A supplement that helps the body increase it's production of ATP, which is necessary for all biological function, and is concentrated in the heart, will have far reaching benefits. Study after study has supported it's cardio-preventetive, cardo-rejuvinative, and physio-boosting activities in the body.

If you have a family history of heart disease, exercise often, or simply want to increase your body's ability to make energy and oxygen rich blood to transport nutrients, you should seriously consider adding D-Ribose to your diet.

D-Ribose and Sports Nutrition:

Recenlty, D-Ribose has made a big splash in the sports nutrition arena and for obvious reasons. It feeds the skeletal muscles with extra energy. In fact, it's become a staple in the diet of weight lifters, distance runners, cross fit trainers, professional athletes and beyond. D-Ribose is a natural alternative to the cognitive stimulants that are often unsafe for extended use. Ribose, naturally assimilated adn utilized by the cellular machinery, is a highly effective sports nutrition supplement for those looking to go the extra mile. Plus, it's really, really good for you!

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