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Lumitene™ (Beta Carotene) 30mg

Lumitene™ (Beta Carotene) 30mg

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EPP or Erythropoetic Protoporphyria and the sun sensitive porphyrias can very often be treated with Lumitene™. The original treatment formula for this form of Porphyria was known as Solatene™ a prescription only beta-carotene capsule which is no longer available. Lumitene™ has taken its place and is 100% compatible and the identical formulation of Solatene™ but does NOT require a prescription -- although you should certainly discuss this with your Doctor. Each Lumitene capsule is composed of beadlets containing 30 mg beta-carotene. Patients receiving Lumitene should be advised against taking supplementary vitamin A since Lumitene administration will fulfill normal vitamin A requirements. They should also be cautioned to continue sun protection and forewarned that their skin may appear slightly yellow while receiving Lumitene. Lumitene may be administered either as a single daily dose or in divided doses, preferably with meals. The usual dosage for children under 14 is 30 to 150 mg (1 to 5 capsules) per day. Capsules may be opened and the contents mixed in orange or tomato juice to aid administration. The usual adult dosage is 30 to 300 mg (1 to 10 capsules) per day. Dosage should be adjusted depending on the severity of the symptoms and the response of the patient. Several weeks of therapy are necessary to accumulate enough Lumitene in the skin to exert its effect. Patients should be instructed not to increase exposure to sunlight until they appear caroetenemic, (first seen as yellowness of palms and soles). This usually occurs after two to six weeks of therapy. Exposure to the sun may then be increased gradually. The protective effect is not total and each patient should establish his or her own limits of exposure. You can order Lumitene by "clicking" the "Add to Cart" button above. Or, to receive more information, please call EPIC (Equivalent Pharmaceutical Industries Corporation) at: 1-800-866-0978 or send us an email by "clicking" on the email button on the left.
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