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L-Theanine (PhytoSure™ Certified) 200mg NON-GMO (60 VegeCaps)

L-Theanine (PhytoSure™ Certified) 200mg NON-GMO (60 VegeCaps)

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      • PhytoSure™ certified L-Theanine       • Derived from Green Tea Leaf       • NON-GMO & 100% natural       • Free of carriers, additives, and synthetic adulterants L-Theanine is a non-proteinic amino acid that influences resting state activity and increases alpha frequency, which has been associated with a reduced level of anxiety. It has been shown to promote a "relaxed, yet alert, feeling at rest" (Owen et al., 2008). Evidence-based research has shown a variety of benefits from taking L-Theanine. It has been shown to have a calming effect when people are under physical and psychological stress, enhance attentional capacity and mental clarity, and improve overall cognitive performance. It has also been found that L-Theanine improves simple reaction time, speed of numeric working memory, word recognition, and accuracy of sentence verification.

Giesbrecht, T., Rycroft, J. A., Rowson, M. J., & De Bruin, E. A. (2010). The combination of L-theanine and caffeine improves cognitive performance and increases subjective alertness. Nutritional Neuroscience, 13(6), 283-290. doi:10.1179/147683010X12611460764840 Owen, G. N., Parnell, H., De Bruin, E. A., & Rycroft, J. A. (2008). The combined effects of L-theanine and caffeine on cognitive performance and mood. Nutritional Neuroscience, 11(4), 193-198. doi:10.1179/147683008X301513 L-Theanine benefits; "healthorexia" dangers.(ask the EN experts). (2013). Environmental Nutrition, 36(10), 2.
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