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Vitamin D3 25mcg / 1,000 IU (Soy-Free) (NON-GMO)

Vitamin D3 25mcg / 1,000 IU (Soy-Free) (NON-GMO)

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Vitamin D deficiency is much more common than you might expect. People are staying indoors more, covering up when outside and using effective sunscreen products to reduce skin cancer risk – a good thing. But, having low vitamin D levels is NOT a good thing! WARNING: older people are at even greater risk for vitamin D deficiency. The reasons; they are less likely to spend time in the sun, they have fewer “receptors" in their skin that convert sunlight to vitamin D and, as if that wasn't enough, they have additional trouble converting dietary vitamin D to a useful form due to aging kidneys. Testing your Vitamin D level is relatively easy – all it takes is a simple blood test that your Doctor can order for you. In the meantime, understand that the risk for vitamin D deficiency in people over 65 years of age is very high. As many as 40% or MORE of seniors, even in sunny climates like Florida, California and Arizona, don't have enough vitamin D! Low vitamin D levels have been linked to any number of un-desired conditions including weak and painful bones, Psoriasis, Rickets, bone loss, respiratory infections, tooth loss and more. One easy answer to this potential Vitamin D deficiency problem could be in picking up a single bottle of Year Long 1000IU Vitamin D3. Each bottle contains 365 soft-gels for a full year of supplementation. Ordering one bottle takes a minute or two – the benefits will last a full month and cost less than 3 cents a day!
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