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Ubiquinol (Kaneka®) CoQ-10 200mg (NON-GMO)

Ubiquinol (Kaneka®) CoQ-10 200mg (NON-GMO)

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Coq-10 is one the most widely used and essential supplements today. Age, diet, physical activity, certain diseases, and medication all have an effect on our CoQ-10 levels. Two most common forms of CoQ-10 are Ubiquinone (oxidized) and Ubiquinol (reduced or active form). Most of the CoQ-10 in our body exists as Ubiquinol – the active form with highest concentration in heart, liver and kidneys. Ubiquinol also happens to be more bio-available and effective. Our EAF Ubiquinol features Kaneka Ubiquinol®, and as with all of our products, it is manufactured right here in NY under most stringent cGMP standards.
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