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ESTHELIV® Neo Brain - 60 VegeCaps

ESTHELIV® Neo Brain - 60 VegeCaps

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Stay Young, Sharpen Your Brain
Promote Brain Anti-aging
NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) Booster Revitalizes brain cell energy
Supports mental processing speed
NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) Booster. NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) is a neurotropic factor and neuropeptide primarily involved in the regulation of growth,maintenance, proliferation and survival of certain target neurons. Increases mitochondrial density, revitalizes brain cell energy. Mitochondria are membrane-bound cell organelles that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cells.Brain lives off of the energy the mitochondria produce. Adopt unique crystalline form PQQ, provide high stability and have low moisture absorption, as well as excellent use and storage performances. Manufactured in a cGMP facility in the USA.
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