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Ener-C 1,000 mg Vitamin C SUGAR-FREE Multi Vitamin Drink Mix - Mixed Berry - 30 Packets

Ener-C 1,000 mg Vitamin C SUGAR-FREE Multi Vitamin Drink Mix - Mixed Berry - 30 Packets

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<b>Ener-C Vitamin C SUGAR-FREE Effervescent Powdered Drink Mix 1000 mg. Mixed Berry 30 Packet(s)</b>

Ener-C is a delicious effervescent multivitamin drink featuring 1, 000 mg of Vitamin C as mineral ascorbates. Ener-C is the caffeine-free, sugar-free replacement for sport drinks, energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages. Ener-C provides immune and thyroid support, B vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and so much more!

<b>Ener-C Mixed Berry Features:</b>

Boost of Energy:

B Vitamins and Potassium give you that non-caffeinated boost of energy without a crash. B vitamins are essential to supporting a healthy metabolism, enabling your body to generate energy naturally.

Maintain your Health:

Ener-C's Vitamin C is a mineral ascorbate mix that was designed for maximum absorption. Ener-C's powerful combination of Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin A and E will maintain and build your immune system.

Boost your Electrolytes:

Working out, not feeling well, drank a little too much last night? Ener-C will give you an electrolyte boost to bring your body back into equilibrium. Ener-C helps you keep your electrolytes in balance.

25 Nutrients:

Designed as a multivitamin to keep your body operating at optimum levels, Ener-C's all natural nutrients provide your body with extra assistance to keep you in a state of optimum health, and wellbeing.

<b>About Ener-C:</b>

Ener-C is manufactured by Pauling Labs.

Pauling Labs is a company whose foundation is built on developing world class natural products. Our company’s focus is to help people lead healthier and happier lives through nutrition and natural supplementation. Pauling’s integrative approach is proactive, we want our customers to remain healthy so they can reduce the time they are ill. The healthier your immune system is the better you are able to fight off illness and enjoy a healthier life every day.

At Pauling Lab’s our focus is building products with a Vitamin C base that provide functional use to our customers. From athletes, to mom’s and yes even those who are suffering the effects of consuming too much alcohol. Our desire is to reduce suffering from illness and increase performance and recovery, with our unique and tasty products. Pauling Labs will consistently strive to ad positive healthy values to our products and our customer’s lives. If you ever have questions, comments, or want to see us develop something new, please drop us a note and we will be sure to respond directly to you.
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