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Vitamin K2 100mcg as MenaQ7® 100 Vegecaps

Vitamin K2 100mcg as MenaQ7® 100 Vegecaps

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Clinically Proven MenaQ7®
Non-GMO, Soy and Gluten Free Menaquinone-7 (MK-7) is a highly bio-available form of Vitamin K2 that has been at the center of much research over the past several years due to its prolonged half-life, allowing its benefits to be more pronounced and observed. The body uses K2 synergistically with vitamin D to pick up excess calcium from the arteries, muscles and organs, preventing the damage caused by calcification, and deposit it where it belongs, in the teeth and bones. In addition to promoting strong bones, studies have found MK-7 beneficial in preventing coronary artery disease and inflammation, as well as excessive skin wrinkling caused by tissue damage from an unhealthy cardiovascular system. Found in fermented vegetables and organic, grass fed beef, many of us do not consume an adequate amount of K2 in our diets. Health Thru Nutrition offers a highly bio-available MK-7, as MenaQ7® , to provide you with all these benefits in 1 easy to swallow Non-GMO Vegecapsule. MenaQ7® is the highest quality, clinically validated, all-natural MK-7 available today. It is hypoallergenic, being Gluten Free, Soy Free, and free of milk, eggs, fish, wheat, nuts and tree nuts. *Individuals taking anticoagulants or salicylates should consult with their physician prior to taking vitamin K supplements.
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